About SinQSA

The Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance


To bridge gaps between queer and straight people, thereby contributing to the creation of a harmonious, compassionate Singaporean society where there is substantive equality, regardless of individual differences such as gender identity and sexual orientation.


  1. Provide an open, inclusive platform where queer and straight persons can engage in meaningful communication.
  2. Promote substantive equality regardless of individual differences such as gender identity or sexual orientation.
  3. Raise awareness of gender or sexuality-based discrimination, harassment and violence.

Why be part of SinQSA

If you believe in what we believe, you may wish to join our group. We will share resources and ideas on how to improve our community and make it inclusive and free of discrimination based on gender identity and sexuality.

SinQSA is about appreciating and celebrating diversity, which are more than just tolerance. What sustains diversity is continuous communication and meaningful exchanges.

Founding members of SinQSA

Jean Chong
Jean is a happy minority that believes equality is for all.  Hoping to lead a not-so-normal life, she spends her time walking her dog, eating cereals and reading.  An activist for the last 10 years, she is also part of People Like Us and Sayoni.

Sam Ho
Sam is a happily married man who aims to lead a debt-free life. He feels SinQSA is meaningful for straight people who feel they do not belong to part of a majority which perceives itself as homogeneous in values and beliefs. There is diversity even within a community.

Jennifer Teo
Jennifer is a married feminist who believes the pen is mightier than the sword, action speaks louder than words and the time is always right to do what is right.

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For contact information, go here.


2 responses to “About SinQSA

  1. Came across your site through Post-Museum’s website. As a self acclaimed artist and enthusiast, as a happy queer folk and a gender activist in my little own ways, I am delighted to discover SinQSA and would be more than glad to be part of it. Please feel free to reach me on any possible way I could contribute to your causes.

    All the best!


  2. What a brilliant group! May your numbers grow with like-minded individuals.

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