Pink Dot this Saturday

Dear Friends of the Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance,

This Saturday is Pink Dot, and all are welcome to participate. Feel free to learn more about the event and FAQ at

I hope everyone will have good fun this Saturday (and also keep the park clean). Come in pink to show your support for the freedom to love.

SinQSA will have a mat and you are most welcomed to approach us to get a small token representative of the support of queer-straight friendship and harmony. These are badges and car window/windscreen decals (picture available on the SinQSA group wall).

I also take this opportunity to make an appeal for donations to help us recover some of the costs of producing these badges and decals. We will not be soliciting donations or monetary contributions on Saturday, but will have a box ready to receive any kind voluntary bits of generosity.

If you’re keen to donate to SinQSA before/after Pink Dot, feel free to drop us an email. You may also email us if you are keen to volunteer for a couple of hours at the SinQSA mat – any help will be greatly appreciated.

See you on Saturday.

SinQSA Facebook group:


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