SinQSA snippets

Hi members and friends of SinQSA,

We now embark on a small project where we welcome and repost short biographical snippets of people who either:

1) Identify as queer
2) Have LGBTQ friends and relatives

With these snippets (about 200-300 words), we want to show the daily routines, as well as achievements and contributions of people who identify as queer or those who support their queer friends and relatives.

Here are some guiding questions for your snippet:
1) What do you (your friend) do for a living?
2) What are your (your friend’s) hobbies?
3) What are your (your friend’s) gripes?
4) What are your (your friend’s) contributions to society/Singapore?
5) What are your (your friend’s) personal achievements?
6) What was the last thing you (your friend) felt very proud of?
7) What was the last hurdle you (your friend) overcame?
Remember, your snippet may be about yourself or a friend/relative.

In Singapore, there are too many stereotypes and stigma that cast our LGBTQ friends, and straight people who associate with them, in the bad light.

Our little project aims to show that we are mature enough to move beyond the damaging stereotypes and stigma, and show that queer folks and straight friends lead ordinary lives, with ups and downs, and with achievements and contributions like any other Singaporean.

All too often, our problems, contributions and achievements are overshadowed by our identity, as people seem more preoccupied with gender and sexual identity. For once, we should help ourselves by putting the things we face as human beings, ahead of sexual orientation and gender identity, which are one part of who we are.

It is not as if we would like to prove to everyone that we are normal like them, but it is always nice to give gentle reminders to others if we want to make Singapore a better place for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Until the day comes when our differences can be a reason for us coming together, we should start looking at similarities and the things we share in common.

You may write about yourself, or of a friend.
You may choose to remain anonymous.
You may wish to write about the mundane and daily routines, or particular achievements, contributions or struggles, anything to show that we are human and have a lot more in common than we think.
You may write in any language.
If you are writing from outside Singapore, please indicate so.
We trust you to be honest n your accounts/snippets.

We aim to collect these stories for the indefinite future, and post them on our website and to our Facebook group subscribers on a regular basis, sharing these stories with the rest of the community.

Please send your snippets to admin [at] sinqsa [dot] org.

With the snippets coming in from people from all walks of life, we also seek volunteers who are able to help out with the editing. We will definitely welcome your help! Do step forward and send us an email too, to admin [at] sinqsa [dot] org.

Well, SinQSA is about celebrating difference and being together to celebrate it. Let us make change.


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