The SinQSA Game Show

Hello and apologies for the month-long delay.

On August 16, the Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance (SinQSA) organised the SinQSA Game Show, which featured 5 teams each comprising one straight and one queer-identified friends, all competing game-show style.

Teams Nevereverfull, Pussy Riders, Pinky and the Brain, Sepet Ninjas, and Last Minute (in descending order) had a good time competing and entertaining the audience.

The winners were not only the mentioned teams, who walked away with prizes, but the many queer-straight alliances themselves.

Even in the context of a game show, they have shown that queer and straight people can work together, overcome challenges and also have a good laugh.

This event would not have been possible without the sponsors New Urban Male, Rusty’s Favourites, The Garden Slug, Food #03 and People Like Us Cafe.

A big thanks to the game programmer Min, who has provided us with wonder visuals.

SinQSA extends its gratitude to venue sponsors 72-13, who have been a friend of Pride Month Indignation. We also would like to thank People Like Us and Fridae and all other volunteers who have made this event and all other events at Indignation’09 possible.

See you at the next meet-up!


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